Welcome to PMA International’s “Unstoppable Mothers”

“We are Unstoppable Protective Mothers, whose children have been ripped from our arms and lives. We are joining our voices as one, to share our stories about family court abuse and corruption. Each heartbreaking tragic story, capturing loss and abuse, is told in our own words and accompanied by stunning photographs based on mother/child milestones missed in our lives. Because of the strong unconditional love we have for our children, we will NOT be stopped…we are UNSTOPPABLE!”

Welcome to PMA International’s  Unstoppable Mothers

Protective Mothers Alliance International (PMA) has launched Unstoppable Mothers, a powerful photo and essay project to give voice to Protective Mothers and their Children.

The photos depict the loss and grief a Protective Mother experiences when she is forcibly separated from her child(ren) due to family court injustice, or the events she missed in the life of her child.

The essays, in Protective Moms’ own words, are common real life family court situations. Protective Mothers reveal the most outrageous action a judge took in their case. OR, the Protective Mom shares what she has missed most about not being in her child’s life.

How Can You Participate?

Protective Mothers may send quotes to the comment section on this blog and/or PMA INTL’s “Guardian of Truth” ( G.O.T) Blog. A special page on the PMA International G.O.T blog has been set up just for this campaign..


We will put the unstoppable mother’s quote on a sign and take a picture specifically for that quote  and add it to our  Unstoppable Mothers campaign. Your quote may be posted online, so please keep the comments general and do not include any identifying information.

What do mothers’ write about?

Mothers write about 2 subjects in the form of a quote;

#1.The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

20 words or less

Example: “I was thrown in jail by the Judge for trying to protect my children from their father’s beatings.”

#2. What hurts you the most about not being in your child’s life

20 words or less

Example: “I was not able to see you graduate from high school.”

Moms may submit quotes for both subjects #1 and #2 or choose to submit just one quote from one subject, choosing subject
# 1 OR #2.

Please DO NOT include identifying information such as the name of your judge or other court professional, your location or contact information, your child’s legal name etc

Mothers will add their quotes to the comment section on this blog ( link below)


PMA International will put the Unstoppable Mother’s quote on a sign and take a picture of that sign.

Some signs with quotes will be combined with missed milestone pictures.

All signs, quotes, and pictures will be posted on this blog


” Unstoppable Mothers” is a powerful photo and essay project to give voice to Protective Mothers and their Children.

Disclaimer PMA International reserves all copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual and other property rights in the information contained in PMA International’s “Unstoppable Mothers Campaign.” This includes but is not limited to, all PMA International and PMA International’s “Unstoppable Mothers’  specific logos and services logos and no express or implied license is granted in respect thereof. Any unauthorized access, use or reproduction of the information or proprietary rights contained in this site about these campaigns is strictly prohibited and is subject to such action as provided in applicable laws. No information on this PMA International’s “Unstoppable Mothers Campaign”  should be reproduced or distributed for another organization’s or individual’s campaign or advocacy use, without the prior written consent of PMA International. The Information is for your personal use only. Any unauthorized copying or modification of trade-marks and/or the contents of the PMA International “Unstoppable Mothers “Campaign  for another organization’s or individual’s advocacy use, including but not limited to, art, art exhibits, all manner of advocacy, written materials,and all manner of social media may be a violation of any law that may apply to trade-marks and/or copyrights and could subject the copier to legal action.

For your safety, we strongly suggest you do not use your child’s real name, your real name or any court officials name. You may use initials. You alone are responsible for your child’s safety and your safety while using this site. You alone are responsibly for the protection of your identity along with the protection of the identity of your minor child while using this site. PMA Intl assumes no responsibility for the protection of your identity and/or safety and the identity and/or safety of your minor child/ children. We reserve the right to edit all posts for any reason.

However; PMA International will make a reasonable effort to keep personal information private due to the fact that most protective mothers are in active litigation and/or domestic violence situations. As always, safety is our primary concern.

Persons posting on this site are solely responsible for abiding by their specific court orders. PMA INTL is not responsibly for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from a person posting on this site who is not in compliance with an order from the court.

Now that we all understand how to participate and what the ground rules are for this project, Protective Mothers’ Alliance International invites you into our project; a window to our world. We ask you to brace yourselves, step slowly into our shoes , carefully take a step , steal a tiny glimpse , and taste a tiny bite of what life is like as a protective mother. An unstoppable protective mother, enduring one of the darkest atrocities known in the history of our civilization.



Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.47.41 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.50.26 AM



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