Happy Mothers’ Day To all Unstoppable Mothers



My Children Told To Say I Died ( Photography and Quote)

#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“After leaving my abusive ex he continued to control me through our children. He made them tell their friends at school I had died. my advocates were told to leave the court room by his request and he was granted full custody.”

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Terrified of Court, Waited 18 Years To Leave ( Image and Quote)




#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

” My X was substantiated by CPS for sexually assaulting at least 2 of my girls. The judge

ordered the girls to go to counseling with him. I waited 18 years to leave him because I was terrified the courts would side with him.”

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Abuser Quote; Look At You! ( Image and Quote)


#3 Abuser Quote

“Look at you! No one but me would put up with you.”

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Emails Refused as Evidence by The Judge( Image and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“I actually have emails from my ex that state he was going to make sure my children, grandchildren and everyone else hates me. He stated, I should do everyone a favor and die as I am trash. He threatened – he should have done it a long time ago. This was the last time I saw or spoke to my children. The court refused the emails as evidence and said I need to learn to parent. I have been parenting for 20yrs and dealing with the abuse and torture of the court.”

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Merry Christmas to The Quintessential Hero- The Protective Mother

Of all the rights of woman, the greatest is to be a mother― Lin Yutang

As we once again face the holidays, many protective mothers are without their precious children. The pain of having to live a life under these circumstances is unbearable.

We know because we also live it.

In times like this our grief and loss is felt three fold. Once for ourselves, once for our children and once for all the other protective mothers and children who one day found themselves in a nightmarish club of mothers in which they never wanted a membership- the Protective Mother.

In times like this we wish we could reach through our computers and give you a big warm nurturing hug. We wish we had a magic wand to wave and bring your children back. We wish we could erase the memory of the trauma and pain for both you and your children, heal you and make you whole and happy again.

If we could speak to your estranged child we would let them know how very special their mother is.

How she fought for you when she had nothing left in her to fight. How she spent years, and in some cases, decades putting her life on hold sacrificing her happiness, health and finances just to protect you from control, and abuse while keeping you safe in her arms.

Day after day dealing with attorneys, who betrayed and demeaned her, while quickly and greedily devouring her finances. Appearing in court before Judges who bullied and controlled her. Attending endless meetings with Evaluators, Therapists and Guardian Ad Litems who make her jump through impossible, and inhumane high hoops that your other parent was not forced to jump through.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.29.10 AM

Did she jump? Oh yes. Over and over and over again your protective mother twisted herself up, denied her pain , took the torture and abuse with a quiet smile on her face and a small exasperated sigh.

Lied on repeatedly , humiliated and abused your mother soldiered on, just for you- for the unstoppable, unconditional love your protective mother has for you runs deeper than anything you can ever imagine.

Isn’t this what heroes do? Heroes absorb the pain take the abuse and live the sacrifice, for the greater good. In this case , the greater good was protecting you.

We would tell these children that their mother is not just any mother, she is not just a single mother. Your mother is all that, yet so much more. Your Protective Mother is a beautiful light in this dark world, she is a warrior for truth and justice, she is an angel of love.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.32.46 AM

Yes, the greatest right for a woman is to be a mother, but for women who had this right unjustly stripped from them due to corruption, misogyny, ignorance, and greed, they had to claw , dig and sustain the deepest of wounds that may never heal from their nobel fight.Your Protective Mother was fueled by the fire of her deep love for you burning in her heart and soul. Your Protective Mother attempted to regain this right so both of you can be happy together, loving each other in peace and free from all forms of control and abuse. Your Protective Mother is not just any mother, she is a super mother -the quintessential hero.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.35.35 AM

For all the Protective Mothers this Holiday who are without their precious children, PMA International wants you to know- you have our love, respect, support and understanding – always. Here’s to a better New Year.
The PMA International Team

Diagnosed With A Personality Disorder That Doesn’t Exist( Image and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case


“A psychological evaluator testified against me in my protection from abuse case, after not speaking to me for months. She wrote the report after her testimony. In my custody case, the Judge used the evaluator’s report and I found that she diagnosed me with a personality disorder that doesn’t exist.”

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