I Am Unstoppable (Poetry)


I brought you into this world

And a judge order took you away

I was not allowed to say good-bye

Or to pack your favorite teddy bear

I have missed so much of your life,

And knowing who you are

My dear child,

My love for you

Is not bound by court order

And I will love you always,

I am unstoppable.

— poem by PMA International, Unstoppable Mothers © 2015



3 thoughts on “I Am Unstoppable (Poetry)

      1. You are so welcome. Thank you! Shared joy is truly multiplied, and shared pain is indeed divided.
        In uniting, Shedding light on, exposing these terrible acts, counting and sharing even our smallest of victories and progress, we can be assured of one true and certain thing .. The tiny ripple is a sound and sturdy wave that cannot ever be held back. Much love and deepest appreciation, gratitude to you 🙂


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