Happy Mothers’ Day To all Unstoppable Mothers



Merry Christmas To All Hero Unstoppable Protective Mothers


Scary Family Court ( Image and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“How does a judge take a mother’s only child, a sweet innocent 3 year old, just because they live in low income housing and give her

to a felon? He never wanted the child until he had to pay child support Our hearts break every day. Family Court is scary.”

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Another Easter Without My Daughter (Photography and Quote)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.13.40 AM

“Another Easter without my daughter. I miss your giggles joy, and wonder on discovering all your Easter goodies in your basket. I miss making you bunny pancakes and seeing you bite off the ear with glee as the syrup trickles down to your chest. I miss dressing you in your special Easter dress, carefully chosen by us weeks before, and braiding your hair in ribbons and bows as we get ready for church. I miss you asking to borrow a touch of my perfume as you stand tall in front of the mirror admiring the little lady you are – all dressed up on Easter morning. I miss you and our special Easter days.”

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How Does A Person Become Responsible For Being A Victim? (Photography and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“The judge exposed me, a DV victim, to addicts and people with aggressive tendencies to comply with Court mandated meetings and classes. I have been forced to relive the trauma of being a victim, until I accepted responsibility for being a victim.

How does a person become responsible for being a victim?”

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Hero Protective Moms- You Have Our Love, Support, and Understanding this Holiday Season. You and Your Precious Children are Always in our Hearts and Prayers. We Thank you for Your Support.


I Stay Home Alone on Mother’s Day (Photography and Quote)


#2. What hurts you the most about not being in your child’s life…

“What I miss most is the special mother daughter tea party
hosted by our favorite restaurant
on Mother’s Day.

Now my friends take their daughters
and I stay home
on Mother’s Day.

I miss my angel
and our special time.”

Unstoppable Mothers © 2015


A Mother’s Prayer by K. Michelle (Inspiration, Music)

Inspirational song about a mother’s love, and the efforts she makes to give her child a good life.

K. Michelle (Kimberly Michelle Pate) is an American singer, songwriter, television personality, guitarist and pianist. She is also a survivor of an abusive relationship. The song “A Mother’s Prayer” is dedicated to her son, Chase, and to mothers everywhere that feel the same for their child/children.

K. Michelle says about motherhood, “Being a mother is the most challenging and rewarding part of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Lyrics include:

“And even though I’m not there to tuck you in everyday
I’m not far away
This is what a mother prays…

Last night I prayed on a fallen star that you never have a broken heart
Though the world is cold, please remember who you are
And I pray that you never have a rainy day
And no matter what the people say
In your darkest hours I’ll help guide your way

This is what a mother prays…”