Happy July 4th To All Hero Unstoppable Mothers

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Hero Protective Moms- You Have Our Love, Support, and Understanding this Holiday Season. You and Your Precious Children are Always in our Hearts and Prayers. We Thank you for Your Support.


A Protective Mother’s Halloween Nightmare ( Photography and Quote)


“It was Halloween night. My children just left for trick or treating. A big container filled with candy was by my door. I was in costume ,excited for this fun Holiday. A knock on my door made me smile as I grabbed a big fistful of candy to give to the neighborhood children. I opened the door to 2 police officers who handed me a court order and took my children away to my x ‘s house. The judge’s surprise exparte order ,based on a bought fake evaluation, by my wealthy, corrupt x snatched my children on Halloween night. Halloween was truly my worst nightmare coming to life, and the  nightmare continues.”

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Honor and Respect To the Fallen and all Those Who Serve

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“Patriotism was a living fire of unquestioned belief and purpose.” ~ Frank Knox