Scary Family Court ( Image and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“How does a judge take a mother’s only child, a sweet innocent 3 year old, just because they live in low income housing and give her

to a felon? He never wanted the child until he had to pay child support Our hearts break every day. Family Court is scary.”

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Abuser Quote- Secrets ( Photography and Quote)

#3 Abuser Quotes

“What happens when we’re together is our secret. Tell no one.”

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Arsonist X Gets Custody(Photography and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“I was begged by the local ATF to help bring my abusive narcissist husband who was also an arsonist to jail. Instead, they all abandoned me. Then my ex used his money and power to take my daughter away from me. No contact for over 3 years.”

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I Am A Caged Animal , Frantically Screaming the Truth (Photography & Quote)


A Hero, Protective Mother bravely speaks out:

“I am a caged animal.

I am frantically screaming the truth

and doing everything I can

to protect my children

in a system that is

doing everything to destroy them.

I am a mother

who is terrified for her daughters!


The narcissist I was married to

was right when he said

‘If you leave, I will take everything from you! ‘


Staying, I was dying a slow death.


Leaving, I have lost my children,

my sanity and my freedom.”


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