Another Easter Without My Daughter (Photography and Quote)

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“Another Easter without my daughter. I miss your giggles joy, and wonder on discovering all your Easter goodies in your basket. I miss making you bunny pancakes and seeing you bite off the ear with glee as the syrup trickles down to your chest. I miss dressing you in your special Easter dress, carefully chosen by us weeks before, and braiding your hair in ribbons and bows as we get ready for church. I miss you asking to borrow a touch of my perfume as you stand tall in front of the mirror admiring the little lady you are – all dressed up on Easter morning. I miss you and our special Easter days.”

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Memories by EarlyRise (Music, Grief and Loss)

“Funny how in just one moment things can turn upside down
Wish I could turn back time to when you were still around
And all I got left is memories of your face smiling at me
Used to say that we should all just handle this differently

Took us all by surprise, no, we never saw this coming
Always were, always will be our hero
With no warning sign, one day, they came and
They took you away..”

About: EarlyRise is a rock and alternative band, “Memories” was released in 2011 on the album “What If?” Band members are: Orly Lari (vocals, piano), Raz Klinghofferl (guitars), Dima Grossman (bass), Itamar Goldwesserl (drums), and Adam Tal (guitar).

I Miss Hearing You Say- “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy ,I love you forever”( Photography and Quote)


#2. What hurts you the most about not being in your child’s life…

” I miss most your special love note surprises to me.I miss breakfast in bed, cooked and served by your sweet little hands.

I miss your drawings,I miss your handmade gifts. I miss your tight hugs, kisses and hearing you say- “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy I love you forever”

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