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I Lost Custody of My Children to an Abusive Narcissist (Photography & Quote)

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#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case


“Over several years of divorce proceedings

and numerous custody battles,

the judge consistently ruled

against all my petitions.

I eventually lost custody

of all my children,

to an abusive narcissist

resulting in severe,

permanent parent alienation.”


Unstoppable Mothers © 2016




Court Ordered to Stop Breastfeeding Baby (Photography and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“I had always followed court orders to the letter,
the father had not.

Nonetheless, the judge said that
if he perceived that I
was not enthusiastic
about carrying out the order,
and if the baby did not show
love and attachment to the father,
he would take her away from me entirely.

And he ordered me to stop breastfeeding her.”

Unstoppable Mothers © 2016


“Those Things Have Been Stolen From Me and Can Never Be Returned…” (Image and Quote)


#2 What hurts you the most about not being in your child’s life

What hurts me most is missing out on mother/daughter milestones.

I was not there to buy her her first bra.
I was not there to help her get ready for her first school dance.
I will not be there for her first date.

Those things have been stolen from me and can never be returned.”

Unstoppable Mothers © 2015


“I Take Comfort in Knowing I Am Not Alone”, A Special Recognition (Photography and Quote)

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PMA International would like to take a moment to recognize the hero Protective Mothers who have bravely offered their support to fellow mothers, through our campaigns.

As a survivor of abuse and/or family court trauma, so often you are forced into silence… sharing your experiences and insights is not easy, but in doing so you have helped to raise awareness about family court injustices, and offered comfort to other struggling mothers.

One of these mothers is a valued PMA  International member who was so touched by a picture quote on our “Unstoppable Mothers” page, that she left this following response:

Everytime I hear another tragic story from a protective mom, my heart cries and my mind takes me back to a place my heart died. But I take comfort in knowing I am not alone.

PMA International has created the following heart stone picture to honor the Protective Mother who has shared this quote, and to honor the Mothers who have given so much in the fight to protect their children.

PMA International would like to thank all of you for your efforts and contributions to our continuing campaigns.


We look forward to more contributions from hero Protective Moms.

Superwoman by Alicia Keys (Inspiration, Music)

“For all the mothers fighting for better days to come…”

Alicia Keys is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She was raised in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, New York by a single mother, Terri Augello. Terri was a part-time actress who also worked as a paralegal. She worked two jobs, putting in long hours, but never wavered in her love and support of her daughter.

Terri worked hard to see that Alicia could achieve the big dreams she had for her life. Alicia went to music, gymnastics and dance classes while growing up.

Alicia says about her mother, “She raised me single-handedly. It was very hard for her, because she had to be superwoman. She had to work the job and support the daughter and also try to pursue her dreams. She’s my rock. I know she will be there no matter what.

Alicia appeared on The Cosby Show at age 4. She attended the Professional Performing Arts School at age 12, where she majored in choir and graduated at age 16 as class valedictorian. Alicia Keys has become a chart topping artist, affectionately dubbed the “Princess of Soul”. Alicia wrote a song for her mother titled “I Owe You”.

Alicia has also reunited with her father, and has mended their relationship.

Alicia Keys as a young child with mother, Teresa Augello
Alicia Keys as a young child with mother, Teresa Augello

Read more about Alicia’s career and the valuable lessons she learned from her mother at:
“Who Are Alicia Key’s Parents” :