Abuser Quote- Does She Look Sexy?( Photography and Quote)



#3 Abuser Quote;

“ Does she look sexy?”

“..Asked my x , as he flaunted his full custody of our daughter. In horror, I choked on the vomit in the back of my throat.”   C.N

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Family Court Left Me Homeless and Without My Child (Photography and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“I was with my ex for 14 years, since I was 18. He is very wealthy and I have very little family and friends. I have health issues, and I am fairly depleted from all the trauma.

My ex blocked me out of the house, took all the money and our child. Forced to go pro bono, the judge ruled in his favor. I have been homeless since, with no contact or updates on my child. ”

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Another Easter Without My Daughter (Photography and Quote)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.13.40 AM

“Another Easter without my daughter. I miss your giggles joy, and wonder on discovering all your Easter goodies in your basket. I miss making you bunny pancakes and seeing you bite off the ear with glee as the syrup trickles down to your chest. I miss dressing you in your special Easter dress, carefully chosen by us weeks before, and braiding your hair in ribbons and bows as we get ready for church. I miss you asking to borrow a touch of my perfume as you stand tall in front of the mirror admiring the little lady you are – all dressed up on Easter morning. I miss you and our special Easter days.”

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When The Law Fails( Photography and Quote)



#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

” I’ve had five children illegally taken.

These officials are even putting child abuse on my record when I didn’t have my children in my custody.

How does a mother protect her children when the laws fail ?

I can’t even protect myself. ”

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“Temporary” Custody ( Photography and Quote)


#1 The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“The Judge gave my children’s father temporary custody after I have been the primary placement parent since birth. This “ temporary” custody is two years and counting. My ex was arrested for battery and convicted of DV. All this is perfectly acceptable to this Judge. .. Why?”

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It Hurts To See Your Empty Chair ( Photography and Quote)

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.15.43 PM

#2. What hurts you the most about not being in your child’s life…

” It hurts to see your empty chair at the dining room table. I miss playing airplane with your spoon, and making you treats.

I don’t even know what foods you like now, or if you remember our dinnertime prayer.”

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Criminal Harassment Convicted Ignored ( Photography and Quote)

#1.The most outrageous action a judge took in your family court case

“The judge ignored my ex’s criminal harassment conviction along with a  order of protection I had  against him from the past. The judge gave full custody to my abuser with only 6 hours a week visitation for me and no overnights.”

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