Another Easter Without My Daughter (Photography and Quote)

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“Another Easter without my daughter. I miss your giggles joy, and wonder on discovering all your Easter goodies in your basket. I miss making you bunny pancakes and seeing you bite off the ear with glee as the syrup trickles down to your chest. I miss dressing you in your special Easter dress, carefully chosen by us weeks before, and braiding your hair in ribbons and bows as we get ready for church. I miss you asking to borrow a touch of my perfume as you stand tall in front of the mirror admiring the little lady you are – all dressed up on Easter morning. I miss you and our special Easter days.”

Unstoppable Mothers © 2015



“Protecting Me” by Aly & AJ (Inspiration, Music)

Dedicating this song “Protecting Me” by Aly and AJ to all Protective Moms and their beautiful children.

Teen artists Aly & AJ released “Protecting Me” in 2005 on their debut solo album, “Into the Rush” by Disney-owned label Hollywood Records. The group has since re-named itself 78violet.

Lyrics include:
“You, You’re always there for me
When I need you most
Day and night you’re by my side
Protecting me
When I feel like crashing down
You seem to be around
There you are
You’re not that far cos

Whenever, where ever baby
You’ll protect me
No matter what
Hold me tight with all your might And you’ll never let me go
Protecting me..”